Untold Shayari were you can express your unfiltered thoughts and unbound emotion.

This blog offers all the writers to come along and share your thought through Shayari, story, expression, and many more.

Untold Shayari is all about unwritten thoughts which haven’t express yet of love, untold love, sad, grief, break up, attitude towards life and roll and those drills which you are not outspoken but yet your words speak a lot, it is all about the feeling of true love, the faith of togetherness, ick of betrayal, and the naughtiness of friendship, freedom of choice and many more.

Some untold and unsung story is told and sung by many but never listened nor heard by any. This is the place for all writers to bring together and write those unsung stories and untold stories which never been written nor quoted for any reason. This is the reason, this page is for all the writers to come forward and write their hearts in this virtual world. Open your heart don’t listen to your mind just write the emotions which are hidden in the corner of that heart.